Governor Joins Call to Back President’s Opioid Plan | Boston Herald

Governor Joins Call to Back President’s Opioid Plan | Boston Herald

WASHINGTON — Gov. Charlie Baker joined the Bay State’s Democratic congressional delegation in calling for Congress to back President Obama’s $1.1 
billion plan to address the opioid abuse crisis in Massachusetts and beyond.

“I appreciate the fact that Congress is working on this,” the Republican governor said of the bipartisan package of bills passed by the House last week aimed at stemming the opioid crisis, which included bills from Bay State Reps. Katherine Clark and Joseph Kennedy III.

But the measure does not provide funding, and Baker urged lawmakers to back a measure proposed by Obama in February to give states money for programs to expand access to treatment for prescription drug abuse and heroin use.

Baker also met with Amtrak officials yesterday, urging them to do more to prevent another mishap like the signal malfunction near South Station in February that caused massive delays for Bay State commuters.

“We expressed the fact that we felt that the dialogue was not what it should have been, and the follow-up was not what it should have been,” Baker said after meeting with Amtrak CEO Joe Boardman in Washington. “And we really want to make sure going forward we and they are working on the same page.”



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