Why People Leave Addiction Treatment Early | Drug Treatment Center Finder

Why People Leave Addiction Treatment Early | Drug Treatment Center Finder

Ryan wrote this in Treatment on Monday, August 11, 2014

There’s nothing more important to recovery that . Without treatment, recovery wouldn’t even exist. There are many addicts and alcoholics in the world, and only a small number of them are able to get treatment. So, it’s truly a shame when these lucky few decide to leave or rehab early, before it’s even had time to help them. With their lives literally at stake, why do people leave addiction treatment early?

Why People Leave Addiction Treatment Early

The problem is that many addicts do not realize that their lives are at stake. Or, they realize it in their mindsbut they have not accepted it in their hearts. When treatment isn’t your first priority, it’s only a matter of time before you leave (either by or against your own will).

Why People Leave Voluntarily

When people leave addiction treatment voluntarily, they are discharged “Against Medical Advice” (AMA). This means that they have not been clinically evaluated as a safe and healthy person. If they aren’t “cleared” to leave, then why do they do it? They may want to return to the outside world for something. They’re preoccupied with their family, love life, job, home, pet, or something else.

A very common reason is simply being fed up or tired with treatment. Addicts in early sobriety have thin skin, so it doesn’t take much to get them extremely angry. Often, they get in a fight with a therapist, staff member, or another patient. They leave in a huff, calling a friend to pick them up or simply walking right off the facility.

Why People Leave Involuntarily

Your addiction treatment may be involuntarily terminated, as well. The most obvious reason for this is drug use. Some people sneak drugs into detox or treatment, while others travel outside to get drugs or alcohol. Either way, you may find yourself kicked out for failing to abide by the rules.

Repeated failure to follow the rules may also result in leaving. A common problem in treatment, especially amongst younger addicts, is romantic relationships. These are strictly forbidden, as are theft and violent behavior. Depending on where your addiction treatment takes place, you may be given 3 strikes, a second chance, or booted off campus for your first offense.

Why You Should Stay

It sounds obvious, but it’s true and people forget it: sobriety has to be your priority. In treatment, it should be one of your only priorities. That means forgetting about the outside world and all it’s problems and distractions. That means forgetting about sex and relationships. That means rolling with the punches and not acting on impulse.

Without the right addiction treatment, we do not have sobriety. Without sobriety, we have nothing.


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