Addiction News Weekly May 3rd Week

1.Elizabethton High School students help local addiction recovery ministry

A local non-profit addiction recovery ministry is getting an upgrades workout facility for its residents.(

2.City Donates Property For Sheriff’s New Addiction Recovery Program

A Goldsboro home is being donated to assist persons struggling with drug abuse and addiction.(

3.New holistic recovery center to offer long-term follow-up to avoid relapse

FARGO — As a licensed addiction counselor for 20 years, Patti Senn had grown frustrated with the “revolving door” nature of substance-abuse treatment.(

4.Substance abuse recovery services starting to see uptick in demand after difficult year

This year, there have been 160 suspected overdose deaths in Knox County. Officials said 15 are from this month alone.(

5.New addiction recovery center opening in Madisonville

BrightView’s programs include medication-assisted treatment (MAT), clinical care, group therapy, peer support, and social services.(


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