Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – Aug 1 Week

1. Lucius Malfoy actor Jason Isaacs opened up about overcoming his ‘decades-long love affair with drugs’

Lucius Malfoy actor Jason Isaacs opened up about overcoming what he dubbed his “decades-long love affair with drugs” in a new interview with the street newspaper The Big Issue. (news yahoo)

2. Oregon Could Become The First State To Decriminalize Drugs

Nearly two people die every day from drug overdoses in Oregon. One out of 11 Oregonians suffers from addiction. The state also ranks last in the nation among states in access to drug treatment and recovery services for adults, according to a federal government survey on national drug use. (

3. Democratic donor Ed Buck facing four more charges in overdose deaths

Democratic donor Ed Buck, who is accused of injecting men with drugs during sexual encounters, has been charged with another four felonies in the overdose deaths of a sex worker and at least one other man. (

4. Carol Burnett shares uplifting mantra of a daughter who died at 38

“My daughter Carrie got into drugs. In that situation, don’t be their best friend. When we got her into a third rehab, oh, she hated my guts! You have to love them enough to let them hate you,” Burnett recalled. (news)

5. The US Opioid Crisis Is Pulling Families Under at an Alarming Rate, and We Need to Take Action

Twenty-six-year-old Briana Schroeder is a mom. She’s self-assured with a measured voice. She’s a former high school athlete, an animal-lover, and a recovering heroin addict.(

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