Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – July 1 Week

1. Kicking The Habit: The Opioid Crisis And America’s Addiction To Prohibition

There is no single cause of America’s opioid crisis, but overprescription of opioids has undoubtedly contributed. The federal government has responded predictably, criminally prosecuting doctors who prescribe opioids to the drug dependent. ( )

2. Exchanging Cos For Clinicians, Mass. Makes Changes To Involuntary Addiction Treatment In Prison

Correction officers will no longer be in charge of men involuntarily committed to addiction treatment at the Massachusetts Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center (MASAC) at the state prison in Plymouth. The Baker administration said MASAC is undergoing a “comprehensive transformation.”( )

3. Coronavirus: Long Waiting List For Reopened Addiction Center

An addiction center in Londonderry is experiencing long waiting lists of people needing to access treatment because of coronavirus. ( )

4. Barriers To Addiction Care Fell Because Of Covid-19. Now The Challenge Is Keeping Them Down

The opioid and addiction epidemic didn’t go away when the coronavirus pandemic began. But rapid changes in regulations and guidance made during the COVID-19 response could also help many more people get care for opioid use disorder and other addiction problems. ( )

5. Novel ‘Invisible As Air’ Explores The Effects Of Drug Addiction On Families

Atlanta author Zoe Fishman was just named the winner of the Literary Fiction Georgia Author of the Year award for her new novel, “Invisible as Air.” Fishman has made a name for herself with other works, including “Inheriting Edith,” “Saving Ruth” and “Driving Lessons”. ( )

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