Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – July 2 Week

1.This is not the response to the addiction crisis that Trump promised

There was a time when President Trump talked a lot about the opioid epidemic gripping the United States. “This scourge of drug addiction will stop,” he pledged in March 2018. “It will stop.” (

2.Pensacola man who battled mental illness, drug addiction finds solace in helping others

PENSACOLA, Fla. — A Pensacola man who struggles with mental illness and drug addiction is reaching out to others on their road to recovery. (

3.New project to tackle drug addiction in Kettering

Drug addiction, supply and demand is not something we can arrest our way out of.”That’s the view of Northampton shire Police’s lead for tackling serious organised crime after the launch of a new project to tackle the harm caused by drug addiction in Kettering. (

4.Pandemic Is Changing Addiction Care, for Better and Worse

The COVID-19 pandemic is shaking up America’s approach to addiction treatment, but the fallout hasn’t been all bad, experts say.In-person support meetings either aren’t happening or have been severely curtailed, and addiction centers are facing financial ruin because folks are too afraid of the coronavirus to seek treatment. (

5.Govt announces $32 million funding boost to new and existing drug addiction services across NZ

The Government has today announced $32 million worth of funding to be spent across new and existing alcohol and drug addiction services and programmes in New Zealand. (


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