Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – June 4 Week

1. Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s American Activism Is Already Underway

Today, they stopped by Homeboy Industries, a nonprofit that works to improve the lives of the formerly incarcerated in Los Angeles. In addition to services like legal assistance, addiction recovery support, and job support, they also offer employment opportunities through their own social enterprises, two of which are the Homeboy Bakery and Homegirl Café.  (

2. Exploring Mental Health And Addiction A Passion For Niagara College’s ‘top Graduate’

The 26-year-old recently graduated from Niagara College’s social service worker program with a 97.67 per cent average, earning her the Governor General’s Academic Medal — the most prestigious award a student can receive in Canada. (

3. Drug Addict Youth Shoots Himself In Butar Sevian Village

 A drug addict, Gurjant Singh, a resident of Butar Sevian village, shot himself with the licensed weapon of his foster father Gurmej Singh here on Wednesday. Hewas perturbed after his in-laws took back his second wife following often quarrel due to his drug problem. (

4. International Day Against Drug Abuse And Illicit Trafficking 2020: History, Significance Of The Day

There is a growing concern over the rise in numbers of drug abusers all over the world, which is in turn leading to loss of life and crime. It is a growing nuisance in many societies, as school and college going kids, who have become addicted, now have no regard for life and would even kill to get their fix. (

5. Self-Isolation And Drug Abuse Can Intersect

Things are beginning to go back to normal as businesses begin to reopen, and people start going back to normal life. Have you been in self-isolation with a loved one who struggles with substance abuse. (

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