Drug Abuse Took me Closer to the Dark Side

There’s really not much to say about drug treatment other than if you need it you better get it. It never really seems that cut and dry when you suffer from drug abuse or addiction, but nothing really does when you’re fucked up anyway. Whatever the case it is just that simple and I know that first hand. If it wasn’t for the first-rate drug treatment that I received a few years ago then I wouldn’t be walking around today.

My experiences with drug addiction were definitely heinous and I’m still not ready to talk about all of them. Drug abuse took me closer to the dark side than any man should ever be and there almost seemed to be no chance of bringing me back. I regret those days of self-loathing and self-destruction and I accredit drug abuse treatment with having the power to turn me around. Sure I fought tooth and nail to not have to go to rehab but it honestly was the best thing I could have ever done. The other day I was telling some kid that I see all the time that maybe he should look into getting some help with a little ‘problem’ he’s been having. I couldn’t help but laugh when he asked what did I know about it.





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