How to Saving a loved one from substance abuse?

A successful drug intervention is one that convinces an addict to enter rehab. Period. There is no other point to the process, no other goal that could justify the decision to conduct an intervention in the first place. Substance abuse is a devastating disease. Proper addiction treatment can fix the problem, but only if patients have the courage to seek care. That courage, in turn, can only be born of a thorough understanding of the full extent of one’s own problems…which is why drug interventions are so important to the healing process.

Addicts generally aren’t capable of seeing the truth about themselves without help. A drug intervention can change that. The only catch is that it has to be conducted in a spirit of warmth and support. The best drug intervention is the one that makes an addict feel loved, and shows him just how much he has to lose if he fails to overcome his drug problem. That, in the end, is the only way for healing to happen.

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