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Natural Health Remedy: A Prescription For Wellness

A natural health remedy will focus on a patient’s wellness, not an illness. This is where they differ from conventional medicine, which is aimed to treat only the diseased parts of the body. Most natural health treatment therapies state that a patient’s illness is not a result of physical problems alone. It is also caused by mental, environmental, societal, or spiritual causes. That is why the practitioners of natural health remedies explore all aspects of a patient’s well-being before prescribing a medicine.

Homeopathy, which is a recent addition to the world of natural health remedy, is based on the principle that cures like. Chinese medicine uses over 2,000 natural herbs to make natural health remedy formulations. Acupuncture, which is another branch of Chinese medicine, uses needles to correct energy imbalances. In India, there are several medicinal systems that provide remedy, the most prominent being Ayurvedic medicine.

A big plus of natural health remedies is that there are no side effects. Another bonus is that a natural health remedy may cure other imbalances in the body that may have been worrying a patient for a long. This happens because natural health remedy looks at the body as a whole, and unlocks energy flows in other parts of the body too.

Natural health remedies are also known to cure several ailments for which conventional medicine has no curative drug. This includes chronic problems like asthma, migraine, bladder stones, etc.

Practitioners of natural health medicine depend upon ancient wisdom to diagnose diseases. They have no modern diagnostic aids like X-ray or ultrasound to find out the cause of a disease. The success of the drug treatment depends on how much time the therapist uses to understand the symptoms.

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