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Personal Health Issues is dedicated to helping you find more about health issues that can affect you personally and act as a resource to find more information on a range of topical health-related subjects.

The purpose of Personal Health Issues is to act purely as an informative discussion on the many varied topics related to health issues and make suggestions as to when and where you may gain help when you require it.

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I have personally found it frustrating on many occasions to find the information required to push me to take the next step to seek help. Some of the areas both I and my friends have battled with over the years range from addictions to allergies, diabetes to cancer and numerous types of pain.

Sometimes help was as simple as going to a GP while at other times we were burdened with deep-seated trauma which lasted for years because of a lack of understanding on how to move forward.

I have tried to simplify many of the processes and strategies without losing the intent of the subject matter.

It seems that many health professionals, while very good at what they do, are narrow-minded when it comes to information or alternative methods of treatment. For example, I have explored treatments for allergies and have never been recommended by a medical practitioner to use the herbal remedies available. Many of these remedies produce similar results to the recommended drugs without the negative side effects and are recognized by the medical services in many other countries.

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While it may be impossible to predict the future of medicine, breakthroughs in treatments such as an insulin pump in the treatment of diabetes, advances in chemotherapy or simple but effective herbal remedies for allergy relief need to be made readily available to the general public.

Addiction and abuse seem to be a taboo subject. It seems no one really wants to associate themselves with disorders like prescription drug abuse and drug addiction in older members of our communities.

There are many issues to do with our personal health that we need to be proactive in pursuing and I intend to find relevant information on these topics and keep building on this site to keep it up to date. It is one of those dreams where I believe everyone who seeks answers should be able to find reliable information to enable them to make an informed decision on their diagnosis and treatment. If the quality of life is to be the ultimate goal sometimes it will come at a trade-off to longevity. If as informed beings we choose that path, it is my belief that it is a personal choice and should be respected by all.

Explore Personal Health Issues fully and use the pages of this site to your best advantage but always remember to seek relevant advice from the appropriate professionals when required.

Read the pages of this site as you feel necessary, you can easily navigate your way around by using the menu on the right-hand side of each page.

Here is to your continuing good health.

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