She thought that she was fat…-Story of a Girl

She thought that she was fat. She always said that. She thought that she looked absolutely hideous and that she was getting fatter by the second. I guess I should have really listened to what Susan was saying and maybe I would have caught on to her eating disorder a lot sooner. Susan started working out religiously. That may actually be an understatement. Susan was completely obsessed with what she ate and how much of it she was eating. She maintained the sickest gym schedule that I had ever heard of and she was dropping serious amounts of weight daily. After Susan had lost a considerable amount of weight we decided to get her help for her eating disorder. It was the right thing to do and we did it in the nick of time. Susan got her well needed counseling and treatment and she was finally able to deal with her eating disorder. She got to the point where she was able to start gaining good weight and she was also able to regulate her workout schedule to a more normal level. I guess all women think that they’re fat, but some people just go too far.

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