Thank you Drug Treatment

Sober 6 years-Thank you Drug Treatment

Have you ever considered drug treatment? Trust me, if you need it you should definitely consider taking it on. Drug treatment helped me and my buddy Josh. We were definitely in dire straits by the time we got into rehab and if we hadn’t gotten into drug treatment we may not have even made it another day. Drug treatment changed everything.

Me and Josh were a couple of hellions for sure. We got so screwed up on so many occasions that we actually became defined by it all. Things hit a new level when we became roommates! It was never weird to find either one of us awake, at any time of day or night, reeling from the effect of whatever drug, or combination of drugs. Life in our apartment was more like a game that had gone on so strong for so many years that it was nearly impossible to stop. Drug treatment changed all of that too.

So far, Josh and I have both been sober for about six years, and believe me when I say that no one in the world would have seen that coming. The road has been long and rough, at times, but without drug treatment, we wouldn’t even be continuing the journey.


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